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We recomend around 15 days training in craps

  • Rules of the game
  • Betting startegies
  •  Chip Handling
  • Handling the Dice Stick


We recomend around 10 days training in Poker

  • Rules of the game
  • Variations of Poker
  • Chip handling
  • Taking Cash & making payments
  • Security


We recomend around 10 days full time training for Blackjack.

  • Rules of the game
  • Chip handling
  • Dealing the cards
  • Taking money & bets
  • Making payouts
  • variations of the game
  • Security



Croupier Training Academy

Our training is hands on and practical. We prefer learning at casino size tables & wheels, if we supply the training facility, thats what we use.  Training can be full time at around 8hrs a day, or for around 4hrs in the evening.  Learning in the evening will increase the length of time taken to train.  We teach the skills and attributes necessary to be a proficient croupier, understanding the games, the etiquette at the tables and how to interact with the customers.

Your trainees will learn everything, from the procedures to opening and closing a table, the security issues involved in dealing with large amounts of cash, the relative gambling regulations, and how to time and run the games.

We now also offer online training, a good introduction for potential croupiers. Learn online, How to deal Blackjack Like a Pro, with our new online course



We recomend around 20 days of full time training for Roulette.

  • Chip handling
  • Cutting down & stacking chips
  • Rules of the game
  • Taking money and bets
  • Counting pattern bets 
  • Clearing the layout
  • Call & neighbour bets
  • Making payments
  • Security


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